Housekeeping for Seniors Edmonton

Feel relaxed and at ease when you or your loved one has routine housekeeping support.

Light Housekeeping For Seniors

Ohana Care understands that performing daily chores and tasks can become increasingly difficult for seniors and puts them at risk for injury. Don’t feel the burden of cleaning alone anymore; trust our professional caregivers to provide home cleaning services.

Trusted Cleaners

At Ohana Care, we have screened cleaners who have undergone rigorous testing and background checks to ensure your safety or the safety of your loved one is prioritized and you receive the best care possible.

Housekeeping Services in Your Home

When we provide our cleaning service, we use the clients’ personal supply of cleaning products to avoid any sensitivities. If you’d prefer we use our own products, extra supplies can be provided at an additional cost.

Every time we visit your home, we will provide you with our housekeeping service checklist to inform you of the cleaning services we’ve completed. This cleaning routine list includes:


Vacuum all floors
Damp-mop floors
Wipe down cupboards
Wipe backsplash/switches
 Clean oven/stoves and other appliances
Wipe all countertops
Clean fridge
Dispose expired produce/products


Clean tub
Clean mirrors
Clean shower
Clean toilet
Clean sink
Wipe counters and backsplash/switches


Vacuum all floors/carpet
Clean mirrors
Change bed linens as instructed
Dust furniture as instructed


Launder clothes
Dry clothes
Fold and put away laundry


Dust furniture as instructed
Clean mirrors
Vacuum all floor areas
Dust pictures


Vacuum hallways and stairs
Dust railings
Take out the trash, recycling, and compost

Financial Assistance for Low-Income Seniors

The following financial assistance programs can be used when working with service providers that offer snow removal, light housekeeping, and grass cutting services.

Housekeeping and yard maintenance:

You can use up to $1,200 per year on your home services and yard help per household. You must provide your Ohana Care housekeeping receipts to claim this financial benefit.

You may be eligible for this financial assistance if:

  • You have a medical note from your Health Professional (nurse, physiotherapist, occupational therapist, physician). You do not need to provide a note if you’re over 80 years old.
  • Your income in your 2017 Notice of Assessment was lower than $23,290 per year for a single person. Alternatively, if your income was less than $36,765 as a couple.

You may not be eligible if:

  • You live with a family member
  • You reside in a retirement community
  • Your partner can perform the tasks on their own

Frequently Asked Questions

Light housekeeping includes the basic cleaning of your living space. This includes vacuuming, dusting, cleaning surfaces, etc.

Although there is no set rule for how often you should deep clean your home, you should clean your home around once a week, with certain tasks completed twice and others every couple of months. For example, your bathroom should be cleaned once a week, but you may only dust pictures bi-weekly.

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