Financial Aid Resources

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Financial Aid Resources

Veterans Independence Program Funding

The Veterans Independence Program (VIP) helps you remain independent and self-sufficient in your home and your community. Depending on your circumstances and health needs, you may qualify for financial assistance.

VIP does not replace other federal, provincial or municipal programs. Instead its role is to complement existing programs to help meet your needs.

VAC - Veterans Affairs Canada Cards

We're a registered provider and we direct bill.

The Veterans Affairs Canada card provides Veterans with coverage for health care service benefits. To find out if you qualify for the program visit Veterans Affairs Canada.

Alberta Seniors and Community Supports

The Alberta Government provides multiple programs for seniors looking for financial aid. Below are links to a few different options.

Special Needs Assistance for Seniors (SNA) Program

Alberta Seniors Benefit Program

Alberta Blue Cross Homebound Rebate

Coverage through Alberta Blue Cross is available. The first step is to make sure your plan covers foot care services. If you're eligible you will pay for the service and be given a receipt that you can submit for reimbursement. To contact Alberta Blue Cross, please call 403-234-9666.

Special Needs Assistance for Seniors

Housekeeping and yard maintenance:

Up to $1,226/per year per household for light housekeeping, grass cutting, and snow removal.

You are eligible if:

  • According to your 2019 Notice of Assessment your income is lower than $24,385 per year for a single person, or less than $38,545 for a couple
  • You have a medical note from a Health Professional (Physician, nurse, physiotherapist, occupational therapist) – No notes required if you are over the age of 80 years old


  • If your spouse is able to perform the tasks
  • If you live with a family member, including separate suites
  • If you reside in a lodge or retirement community
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