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Ohana Care is your trusted FSCD service provider, providing compassionate,
reliable support for children with disabilities and their families.

What is the Alberta FSCD Program?

The Alberta Family Support for Children with Disabilities (FSCD) Program provides funding and support to help Alberta families like yours access services and community resources tailored to children with physical, intellectual, and developmental disabilities. The program aims to help you:

  • Promote your child’s healthy development and well-being
  • Engage your child in activities at home and within the community
  • Overcome the financial barriers of raising a child with disabilities and enhancing their quality of life

Once approved, eligible families have the freedom to choose the service providers that best fit their child's unique needs.

Our Specialized Services for Children with Disabilities and Special Needs

After School Care

Our in-home after-school care includes attentive supervision, engaging playtime, light housekeeping, meal preparation, and looking after other siblings, creating a safe and supportive environment for your child.

Respite Care

Respite care offers temporary relief for primary caregivers, giving you a break while ensuring that your child receives high-quality care and support in the comfort of their home.

Overnight Care

Allow our Licensed Practical Nurses to monitor your sick child’s vitals and symptoms throughout the night so you can get some much-needed rest.

Why Choose Ohana Care as Your FSCD Service Provider?

Qualified Professionals

Our Health Care Aides and Licensed Practical Nurses are trained to provide a range of medical care, including tracheotomy care, medication administration, G tube feeding, oxygen therapy, seizure management, and glucose monitoring, based on physician’s orders and parental guidance.

Compassionate Care

Our care is centered around empathy and understanding, ensuring that your family feels fully supported throughout the process. We truly care about making a difference and we are dedicated to delivering the essential services your child needs to thrive.

Flexible Care Plans

We understand that each child’s needs are unique and may change over time. Our flexible care plans are designed to adapt to your child's evolving needs to provide the best possible support for your child’s development and well-being.

Apply Now for FSCD

Ready to apply? Click the button below to fill out the online application on the Government of Alberta website.

Frequently Asked Questions

You can find the official eligibility requirements for the FSCD program here.

You can apply online on the Government of Alberta website here.

After you submit your application, a Disability Services caseworker will review it to determine if your child is eligible.

If your child is eligible, the caseworker will provide you with an FSCD legal agreement outlining approved Family Support Services. The agreement details the type of services, the duration of the services, and the responsibilities of both the family and the service providers. If these services do not meet all of your child’s needs, you will complete an assessment to amend the FSCD agreement with additional services based on their needs.

Yes, once approved, families have the freedom to choose their own service providers for the services funded by the FSCD Program. This allows you to select the professionals and organizations that best meet your child's specific needs and your family’s specific preferences.

On average, this entire process can take several weeks to a few months. To expedite the process, ensure that you provide all necessary documentation and respond promptly to any requests for additional information.

Hire Ohana Care as Your
FSCD Service Provider

Already approved? Ohana Care is pleased to offer our services to support your child's unique needs. As a certified FSCD service provider, we are dedicated to delivering high-quality care and personalized support to help your child thrive.

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