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If dementia touches your life or that of someone you care about, trust Ohana Care for compassionate in-home support. We're dedicated to elevating the quality of life for those affected by dementia or Alzheimer's disease, helping them experience a happier, more fulfilling life.

What Is In-Home Dementia Care?

Dementia care offers support and assistance in the comfort of your or your loved one's home. Since this disease can lead to confusion or shifts in personality, it can greatly impact the quality of life for you or your family members.

With our in-home dementia care, individuals can remain in their familiar and comfortable private housing rather than moving to an Edmonton memory care facility.

Edmonton’s Trusted Private Dementia Care Services

At Ohana Care, our team of experienced caregivers in Edmonton, AB, is equipped to provide support for you or your family member facing the challenges of any type of dementia. The following are a few of the dementia support services we offer:

Elderly woman with caregiver who is giving dementia care in Edmonton.

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Signs You Or Your Loved One Needs Dementia Support


They avoid social interactions and limit outings to only essential medical visits.


They venture out unaccompanied and become disoriented in once-familiar locations or dress inappropriately for the weather conditions.


They show signs of impatience, engage in constant movement, or exhibit nervous behaviours such as fidgeting or humming.


They struggle to engage in previously enjoyed activities independently, coupled with episodes of memory loss and forgetfulness.


They unintentionally repeat memories or show a reluctance to engage in new activities, preferring to stick to certain ones like watching TV.

Benefits Of Ohana Care’s Edmonton Dementia Care Services

Ohana Care is dedicated to nurturing both the physical and emotional well-being of you and your loved ones. We work hard to help you return to your daily life while we focus on providing supportive care.

Elderly woman in a wheelchair with a caregiver who is providing private dementia care in Edmonton.

Compassionate Care

Ohana Care's team is committed to delivering compassionate care and support to you or your loved one while encouraging participation in activities at work or in independent living facilities. Our caregivers focus on building a meaningful companionship with seniors by understanding their:

  • Unique needs
  • Individual preferences
  • Family connections
  • Character traits
  • Sources of joy
  • Triggers of discomfort

By learning about the personalities and needs of those with dementia, we can uplift their spirits, instill a feeling of community, and boost overall wellness.

Enforced Dementia Bill Of Rights

At Ohana Care, we enforce the dementia bill of rights when you or your loved one is in our care.

  • To be informed of one’s diagnosis.
  • To have appropriate, ongoing medical care.
  • To be treated as an adult, listened to, and afforded respect for one’s feelings & point of view.
  • To be with individuals who know one’s life story, including cultural and spiritual traditions.
  • To experience meaningful engagement throughout the day.
  • To live in a safe and stimulating environment.

  • To be outdoors on a regular basis.
  • To be free from psychotropic medications whenever possible.
  • To have welcomed physical contact, including hugging, caressing, and handholding.
  • To be an advocate for oneself and others.
  • To be part of a local, global, or online community.
  • To have care partners well trained in complex dementia care.

Qualified Dementia Caregivers

At Ohana Care, we take great pride in our team of dedicated caregivers, who bring extensive experience in delivering in-home memory care in Edmonton for seniors affected by dementia. These skilled professionals are adept at supporting other types of dementia, including Parkinson's disease, vascular dementia, and Alzheimer's disease.

How to Hire an In-Home Care Professional

Call or Email Us

Contact us, and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Meet a Community Manager

We’ll assess your care needs and discuss how we can help you or your loved one.

Get Paired with an HCA or LPN

We’ll pair you with an HCA or LPN based on your location, needs, or personal preferences.

Dementia Care Intake Process

Should you or your loved one require dementia care, please get in touch with us. We'll promptly contact you to schedule a meeting, where we'll outline the next steps and create a customized care plan tailored to your daily routines. Additionally, we'll match you or your loved one with an experienced caregiver you trust.

Elderly woman and her caregiver standing and looking out of a window.

Additional Resources

Alzheimer’s Care

The Alzheimer Society of Calgary is dedicated to providing individuals affected by all forms of dementia with the necessary access to care, healthcare professionals, and educational resources throughout their wellness journey.

Out-of-Home Respite Care

Our team is ready to provide care services outside the home for you or your loved ones. We can support older adults with daily activities such as going on leisurely walks, grocery shopping, or taking care of various errands, ensuring they remain active and engaged in their community.

Our Grow G(old)en blog is an educational resource that provides adults, seniors, and those who want to embrace healthy aging with insightful articles, practical tips, and expert advice. We’re here to help you navigate the aging process with confidence and vitality.

Frequently Asked Questions

When daily tasks become challenging, safety concerns arise, or a noticeable decline in cognitive functions affects quality of life, we recommend getting in-home support.

We understand this decision-making process can be challenging to confront. If you are unsure whether or not your parents or loved one should receive compassionate in-home care, do not hesitate to reach out. We’ll ensure you and your loved one get the help you need.

When around a person with dementia, it's important to avoid the following: 

  • Arguing or trying to reason with them based on your logic
  • Correcting their misconceptions too forcefully
  • Asking too many open-ended questions that could confuse them
  • Talking to them in a condescending manner
  • Overwhelming them with too many choices or rapid changes in environment or routine

Dementia patients often find happiness in activities that provide a sense of familiarity and comfort, such as listening to their favourite music, engaging in simple household tasks or hobbies they used to enjoy, spending time in nature, and having calm, positive interactions with friends and familiar faces.

Personalized activities that resonate with their interests and past experiences can significantly contribute to their well-being and happiness.

There are a variety of financial resources available for seniors living in Canada, including The Client Directed Home Care Program (CDHCI).

At Ohana Care, our caregivers include Licensed Practical Nurses (LPNs) and Health Care Assistants (HCAs). LPNs have completed practical nursing programs and are licensed to provide various healthcare services, while HCAs assist with basic patient care tasks and activities of daily living. Our team of caregivers is dedicated to providing compassionate and professional care to meet the needs of our clients.

Familiarity and comfort play a pivotal role in the well-being of individuals with dementia. That's why we advocate for seniors to remain in their long-term care facility or private residence as long as they are not a danger to themselves or others.

If your loved one is suffering from severe memory loss and is a danger to themselves, it may be best that they get additional support from assisted living facilities or affordable memory care facilities.

We will support those who need it when they need it. If you or your loved one needs around-the-clock care, we can ensure one of our caregivers is there to assist you.

Our services are available to residents living in their current home or independent living facility in Edmonton, Alberta, including Sherwood Park, Fort Saskatchewan, Beaumont, St. Albert, and Leduc.

We have a variety of services that Ohana Care can provide, including: 

There are three stages of dementia: early, middle, and late. In the early stage, symptoms aren't usually apparent, but family members may notice telling signs. In the middle stage, commonly the longest stage, symptoms become much clearer to the individual and family members. The last stage is where the individual often needs 24-hour care.

Trust Ohana Care With Your Dementia Care Services

Ohana Care ensures you or your loved one is equipped with the best care possible. If you’re ready to gain the support you deserve, fill out the form below.

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