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Ohana Care is a private company offering in-home care for seniors in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and surrounding areas who want to remain in the safety and comfort of their own home or long-term care facility.

What is In-Home Care?

As you and your loved ones get older, you may require more assistance with day-to-day tasks. With home care, you can get the support you need while maintaining your independence. Ohana Care has a variety of home care services that you can count on to help make your daily activities easier and your quality of life happier and healthier.

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Your Trusted Provider Of Home Care In Western Canada

We are happy to assist you in your private residence or long-term care facility in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and surrounding communities.

We pride ourselves on always going above and beyond for our clients. The following are benefits that you can expect when you choose Ohana Care.

Complimentary In-Home Consultation

Our team gets to know you and your family members to ensure we provide you with the perfect caregiver that is the perfect match for your situation.

Comprehensive Senior Care Services

We offer a wide variety of individual care services to ensure you or your family members get the short or long-term care needed. These home care services include companion care, foot and hand care, dementia care, around the clock care, and more.

Best Friends Approach ™

Our team of trained caregivers will help you or your senior loved ones with declining cognitive abilities. We give our elderly patients a supportive smiling face that they can talk to, visit, and trust.

Qualified Care Team

At Ohana Care, our trained caregivers include Licensed Practical Nurses and Health Care Aides who are constantly undergoing training sessions to ensure they stay up-to-date with all of our home care services and address various daily living needs beyond health care.

Activities & Recreation Focused

We train our caregivers and companions with the tools and knowledge to assist our clients in living an active lifestyle, from learning various physical activities to brain games.

24/7 Family Portal Access

Upon choosing Ohana Care, you will have 24/7 access to your “Family Portal” to view your upcoming scheduled visits, your care team, care plans, and daily updates about visits from your caregiver.

Our Locations

We're pleased to offer companion care, respite care, dementia care, foot care, and more to residents in Calgary, Edmonton, Vancouver and surrounding areas.

See What Our Senior Home Care Clients Have to Say Ohana Care

Not sure if in-home care is right for you? Discover what our clients have to say about Ohana Care services and our care team in this video.

"Maria is so careful and so compassionate with mom"

Vyetta, Evie and Maria's Home Care Story

Watch the video above to understand what home care looks like and the impactful relationships built between a caregiver, the client, and the family.

Do You or Your Family Members Need a Care Plan?

If you notice you or your loved one are struggling with daily activities, like housekeeping, personal hygiene or require companionship, it may be time to meet with our qualified caregivers that can provide you with the necessary support. Contact us, and we can help you create a care plan that will boost the well-being of you or your family members to give you peace of mind.

Quality Services to Meet All Your Care Needs

Our compassionate caregivers will provide you with all the support you or your loved ones need with our ten+ home care services.

Companion Care

Our experienced caregivers can accompany you in taking walks, chatting, playing cards, grocery shopping, and other social interaction-related activities. Learn More

Respite Care

Our care team can provide respite care when the primary carer is away or is no longer available and ensure the client is still receiving quality care during this period. Learn More

Dementia Care / Alzheimer's Care

We utilize the Best Friends Approach™ during our dementia care service, a recognized approach to relationships with adults with dementia or Alzheimer's disease. Learn More

Post-Hospital Care

Upon leaving the hospital, we can ensure a discharge plan is put in place, and our care team is there to help assist you with a smooth transition.

Foot Care

We can provide you or your family with foot care services that will assess and treat any foot-related issues. Learn More

Meal Assistance

Trained staff that will help with meal preparation once a day or for the entire week so you or your aging loved one can maintain a nutritious diet.

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We’re proud of the support we provide each and every one of our clients.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Alberta Health provides some free care services for home care and health care. Typically, this free care does not cover the entire cost, and it is up to you, your loved one or Financial Aid Resources to ensure the fees are paid. Visit the Government of Alberta website for more information.

Home care varies in cost depending on the services you need and the amount of care you require. If you are interested in learning more about a particular service and its price, please contact us.

Nursing homes or assisted living facilities require you to permanently move out of your current residence and into a senior homecare facility. In-home care allows you to appreciate the comfort of your own home while still getting the support that you need.

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