3 Ways to Avoid the Flu this Year

No one likes getting sick, and the flu is no exception. However, for some people the flu is not just an inconvenience, it’s dangerous. That’s why we are sharing these ways to avoid the flu.

What is the Flu?

This illness can be life threatening for those at high risk. This includes children who are too young to be inoculated, those with compromised immune systems or chronic ailments, and older adults. Influenza is a respiratory illness that presents itself in the nose, throat, and lungs and is highly contagious.

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When should you get the flu shot?

Most importantly, you should get the flu shot every year. Even if you got the shot last year, the predominant flu strain varies each year. The vaccine helps protect against the different strands. In addition to annually, you should aim to get your vaccine as early in the fall as possible. Because, it can take up to two weeks to be effective.

3 ways to avoid the flu this year

Get the flu shot

It’s your first line of defense and a no brainer. Although the vaccine can’t guarantee you won’t get the flu, it does help minimize your symptoms should you contract it. As a result of getting a flu shot, you are protecting both yourself and those who are unable to get the vaccine as well as those who could still contract the illness if you are carrying it.

Wash your hands

Your hands touch a lot of things during the day. To keep yourself from spreading or contracting illnesses from others make sure you wash your hands frequently. In addition, make sure you wash them before you eat or touch your face.

Keep up healthy habits

Having a healthy body assists with resisting illnesses. Get good sleep, eat healthy meals and snacks, and get some sunshine.

Where can I get a flu shot?

Albertans can get the flu shot for free at public health clinics, doctors offices and pharmacies. An alternative is on-site flu shots. For information on how to get on-site flu shots at your location, visit Ohana Care.

To learn more about influenza, visit Alberta Health.

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