Calgary On Site Flu Shots


Prevention is the best medicine. Keep a healthy workplace environment for your employees with on-site clinics for flu shots.

A convenient, affordable and effective way to make your workplace a healthy environment is to arrange for on-site flu shots. For this purpose, Ohana Care Registered Nurses can come to your place of business. As a registered healthcare provider, we will administer flu shots to employees during their working hours.

There are many benefits to focusing on immunization efforts in the workplace:

  • Reduces absenteeism in the workforce
  • Saves on sick days by decreasing the spread of inner-office flu.
  • Helps to protect those with auto-immune diseases and those that cannot get the vaccination.

Learn More About Influenza Vaccines

  • It is recommended that all Albertans over 6 months of age receive influenza vaccines, especially those who are at the greatest risk of influenza (young children, seniors over 65 years of age, and people with chronic health conditions).
  • Alberta’s influenza immunization program usually begins in October of each calendar year.
  • Common symptoms of the flu virus are fever, chills, cough, headache, and sore throat.

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3 Ways to Avoid the Flu This Year

Is it a Cold or Flu?

How do on-site flu shot clinics work?


Determine Elegibility

Your company will determine who is eligible to obtain the flu vaccine. In addition, we strongly recommend an internal sign-up sheet.


Set up the Space

In order to give the shots, we will need a quiet space with a table and two chairs. During the day, the RN will sanitize the area.


Administer the Shots

Firstly, employees come at their registered time. Secondly, they will discuss any concerns with the nurse. Finally, an RN will administer their shot.


On-Site Flu Shots

Namely, Registered Nurses from Ohana Care will come to your office. And, they will administer the shots to your employees.

Surely, each person administering the vaccine shot is a Registered Nurse.

When possible, we will send the required documents to you in advance. Therefore, employees can have them filled out ahead of time to speed up the process.

No. But, the number of people receiving the shot will be discussed at the time of booking. Sometimes, a surcharge can apply if there are fewer than 10 individuals receiving the shot. However, if you have less than 10 people, we can have co-hosted flu clinics. For example, we can move from one office to the next within the same block. Alternatively, you can open your doors to other businesses.

Walk-ins can be accommodated. But, we strongly recommend a sign-up system. Specifically, including times. Firstly, to ensure we have enough vaccines for everyone. Secondly, it spreads out the vaccines so we avoid large lines. In addition, there are no long waiting times. Finally, it confirms that we will have enough time for everyone to receive shots. In other words, some walk-ins are acceptable. But, it is best to be scheduled.

Yes. However, each employee will need to stay within sight of one of our staff members for at least 15 minutes after they received the shot. Otherwise, employees may return to work.

No. Yet,  if you determine that a shot is not appropriate for you, you may discuss alternatives with your physician. However, the shot remains the most effective method of preventing the spread of influenza. Furthermore, Click Here to learn more about influenza vaccines.

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