4 Resources for Learning Technology for Seniors

The world of technology can be a scary place. And, learning technology for seniors can be especially daunting. Because there are so many devices from cellphones, to computers, and tablets, technology is always all around us. And, they all have so many functions that it seems impossible to know where to start learning it. However, there are some great resources in Calgary to help seniors learn technology; including computer basics, internet safety, how to use a smart device, and much more.

In-Class Lessons

Make learning technology for seniors a social event in a classroom. Join other older adults interested in learning to complete a course in technology together. Not only will you gain insight into the world of technology, but also meet others just like you! In addition, an instructor is available for questions.

Bow Valley College
Adults – Computers for Beginners

Specifically, this course covers technology like email, safe internet use, Microsoft Word 2010, searching the Internet for research and reading, filling out online forms, and using the calculator on the computer. This course starts in January 2020 and runs for a semester. Of course, it will give you an in-depth overview of technology once you are done.

Calgary Public Library

Tech Mentors

This offering is perfect for seniors looking to brush up on a specific device or technology. Volunteers are ready on hand to answer your technology questions. Above all, the Tech Mentors program is convenient for everyone. Specifically, they are available at many public library locations around the City of Calgary. In addition, the times available range from mornings, to afternoons, to evenings. So, there will be a lesson available that fits into your schedule.

Online Courses

Although attending a course may be a challenge for your schedule, learning technology for seniors is accessible from the comfort of your own home. Or, your favourite coffee shop or library. Online courses are a wonderful way to learn how to use software programs once you have a basic understanding of computers. They are available when you want them and where you want them.


Calgary Public Library Access

This amazing collection of courses is available free with your Calgary Public Library card. This collection of online courses ranges from basics to advanced. Of course, you can pick and choose only the topics that interest you.

At Home Tutoring

There’s no better place to learn something new, than sitting in your favourite chair with a cup of home-made coffee, made just the way you like it! For this reason, at home tutoring is a great option for learning technology for seniors. Not only does it ensure you have the accessibility you need, but also that you are comfortable.

Aid IT Services

Companies such as Aid IT Services offer tutoring services. Specifically, for older adults to learn technology.

However, at home tutoring doesn’t have to be with a professional organization. If you have questions on how to use your devices or a piece of technology, then try to ask a friend or loved one. In truth, you may be surprised at how much they will be able to help you. And, as a bonus you get some quality time together!

Ohana Care

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