Housekeeping for Seniors

Our thorough housekeeping routine will help you feel at ease.

Housekeeping for Seniors

Our housekeeping routine is laid out on a service checklist provided at each visit. To avoid any sensitivities, we use the clients’ personal supplies when cleaning their home. Extra supplies can be provided at additional cost. Our checklist includes:


Vacuum all floors
Damp mop floors
Wipe down cupboards
Wipe backsplash/switches
Clean appliances
Wipe all countertops
Clean fridge
Dispose expired produce/products


Clean tub
Clean mirrors
Clean shower
Clean toilet
Clean sink
Wipe backsplash/switches


Vacuum all floors/carpet
Clean mirrors
Change bedding as instructed
Dust furniture as instructed


Launder clothes
Dry clothes
Fold and put away laundry


Dust furniture as instructed
Clean mirrors
Vacuum all floor areas
Dust pictures


Vacuum hallways and stairs
Dust railings
Take out garbage, recycling, and compost

Financial Assistance with Housekeeping for Low Income Seniors

Housekeeping and yard maintenance:

Up to $1,200/per year per household for light housekeeping, grass cutting, and snow removal. Housekeeping and yard maintenance receipts must be provided by an approved company, such as Ohana Care.

You are eligible if:

  • According to your 2017 Notice of Assesment your income is lower than $23,290 per year for a single person, or less than $36,765 for a couple.
  • You have a medical note from a Health Professional (Physician, nurse, physiotherapist, occupational therapist) – No notes required if you are over the age of 80 years old.


  • If your spouse is able to perform the tasks.
  • If you live with a family member, including separate suites.
  • If you reside in a lodge or retirement community.