Senior Companion Care

We provide trusted companionship for you or your loved one, whether it be through stimulating conversations, feel-good activities, transportation to appointments, assistance with chores, or accompaniment to social events.

What is Companion Care?

Companion care is care provided by a professional who enhances the life of a client by taking the role of a friend or family member. The companion takes the time to enjoy the good times, provide emotional support, and address any non-medical needs, such as the need for seniors or adults with disabilities to feel heard, to belong, to be themselves, and to express their uniqueness.

Trusted Companion Care Services

Through our companion care services, our professional companions support the

  • Intellectual
  • Emotional
  • Physical wellness of you or your loved one
We understand that all of our clients have unique lives and require different types of companionship, which is why we’re happy to tailor our companion care services to the needs of each individual.

In Addition To Elderly Companion Care

We also offer a range of senior home care services. Contact us if you need additional senior care services to meet your unique needs.

Intellectual Wellness

Stimulation through games, readings, or purposeful conversations. This is particularly important for older adults with cognitive decline to maintain their current knowledge and build new connections in their brains to remain independent longer.

Emotional Wellness

Feel-good activities based on a person’s past and present interests such as baking and preparing meals, singing, dancing, or volunteering. These activities can give a sense of purpose, encourage a trip down memory lane, help reduce anxiety, and encourage laughter.

Social Wellness

Activities that reduce boredom, loneliness and social isolation such as community events, social board games, and church or support groups. These activities encourage seniors to present themselves at their best and can be done at home or in the outside world.

Physical Wellness

Physical wellness goes beyond exercise: it also includes healthy meal preparation, hydration, skincare, and more. Staying active can be done at any level, and our team has tons of fun ideas to keep seniors moving and engaged in their personal care.

Who Can Benefit from Companion Care?

Seniors Living in Memory Care Units

Companions can accompany seniors living in memory care units as they go to and from different activities, take walks outside, go to medical appointments, and more.

Seniors Living Alone

Companions can check in on you or your loved one that lives alone, drive them to different social activities, errands, and appointments, provide technology assistance, be present when contractors visit their home, and more.

Companions can provide intellectual stimulation, companionship during social activities, help around the house, assistance with chores, transportation, and respite care for family caregivers.

Seniors Returning from Hospital

Companions can provide overnight check-ins for seniors returning from the hospital and support them in their recovery to give family members peace of mind.

Adults with Disabilities

Companions can provide transportation to appointments or day programs and companionship to stimulate adults with disabilities and decrease their boredom.

Why Choose Ohana Care Companion Services?

Ohana Care values unique individual needs and always ensures that you or your loved one receives the absolute best care possible.

A Focus on Building Meaningful Relationships

Ohana Care stands out from other companion care providers because our companions have a focus on supporting our clients and building meaningful relationships. From the beginning of the intake process, we always ensure that we are matching your loved one with the most appropriate caregiver.

Greater Discretion for Our Clients

Unlike most companies, Ohana Care companions wear their regular clothes during their hours of companionship. This is to provide more discretion to our clients who need extra support out in the community and gives them the ability to dress for the occasion to fit in as much as possible while ensuring their client has a great experience.

Flexible Care Plans

Our care plans are flexible and can be tailored to align with your unique companionship requirements. As we emphasize the importance of nurturing meaningful relationships over focusing solely on tasks, we require a minimum of four hours per visit.

How to Hire a Companion with Ohana Care

Call or Email Us

Reach out to us and we will get back to you on the same day.

Meet a Community Manager

We assess your health care needs and discuss how we can help.

Get Paired with a HCA or LPN

We pair you with a licensed health care aide or licensed practitioner nurse based on location, needs, and personal preferences.

Companion Care Intake Process

When possible, we will send you the form electronically before meeting you so you can start filling out the information and we can focus on what matters to you during our meeting. The intake form is quite comprehensive and includes questions related to lifestyle, health, needs and more, but you only need to share what you are comfortable sharing with us.

For new clients that are completely independent, the more information we can gather, the easier the pairing process will be. This information will give us a better understanding when choosing a companion.

Frequently Asked Questions

We’re a licensed and bonded company and perform criminal and vulnerable sector police checks on all of our home care employees. Your loved one’s safety is our top priority.

Companions provide social interaction, emotional support and non-medical services such as helping with daily living through light housekeeping and grocery shopping or playing games and having good conversations. Caregivers can provide companionship along with personal care and basic medical services. 


Seniors and older adults often experience the following benefits from companionship:

  • Reduced feelings of social isolation and loneliness.
  • The ability to age in place in the comfort of their own homes.
  • Improved self-esteem.
  • Greater life satisfaction.
  • Reduced risk of developing age-related conditions such as Alzheimer’s disease.

To the outside world, it looks like two friends or a senior and their child/grandchild having a good time. Since our caregivers and companions don’t wear a uniform, you would probably not be able to identify our staff when out in the community.

To the family, a companion is a partner in caring for their loved one. The companion can report to the family when they identify unmet needs or have ideas on how to improve their lives.

To the client, a companion is an ally in their goal of keeping their independence, a confidant, a friend they can rely on. The companion and the clients can form strong bonds and friendships based on their experiences together and the obstacles they overcome together.

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