Mother’s Day Craft

Handmade items carry your mark on them and are a lovely sentimental gift for your loved ones. Watch how we created this framed flattened flower design craft, just in time for Mother’s day. They’ll never expire like a bouquet of flowers. It is a great activity to do for your mom, or with your mom. You decide!

The Video:

What You’ll Need for this Mother’s Day Craft:

Whatever colours, styles, or shapes you like. But, try to go with ones that will be easy to flatten!

Clear Photo Frame
We got ours at our local Winners. You can find them just about anywhere!

Plain and simple!

Make sure there is no water or steam in it!

Ironing Board
You need a safe surface to work on.

Heavy Book(s)
You can either stack several, or use your handy helper.

Glue Gun
For sticking your flowers to your glass!


  1. Remove bulbs and stems from your flowers. Arrange them on a sheet of paper (making sure not to stack any plants or flowers) and cover with another piece of paper. Place a heavy book on top and let it sit for 10 minutes or until your flowers are fully flattened.
  2. Set your iron to the lowest heat. Press down on the paper with the flattened flowers in between for spurts of time. Do not burn the paper, you’re only applying heat to dry your flowers. Continue this step until your flowers are completely dry.Another way to do this is 3 weeks prior, placing your flowers into pages of a heavy book. It has the same effect, but over a longer period of time.
  3. Arrange your flowers and stems on your glass photo frame. Once you’ve decided on placement, hot glue your design to the glass. Place the glass back into the frame and voila!

We hope you enjoyed this craft. If you’d like to see more videos like this one, or have any ideas for future crafts and videos, let us know!

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