5 Tips for Staying Safe at Home Longer

With the recent COVID-19 pandemic, a lot of seniors on the verge of requiring additional care are wondering if they can extend their time in their own homes before moving to a senior facility. A lot of factors need to be taken into consideration before making a final decision. Here is how a Home Care service, such as Ohana Care can help support seniors while they are debating staying at home!

Supported in your own home!

What better way to test if home care is right for your current needs than having a caregiver come to you. You can then witness what your new normal would look like, see if you are comfortable with a caregiver in your surroundings, and measure the impact it has on your health and lifestyle.

More time to plan!

Moving out of your home is a permanent decision. If you are considering moving to a senior facility due to an incident or upcoming medical procedures (one fall, a surgery, etc.), and don’t know the long term impacts this will have on your mobility, hiring a caregiver is a great option as you can cease the visits when you feel strong again. In case you do prefer to move to a facility, you can be in your home with your belongings and decide what to bring with you and how to want to distribute the rest.

Pick and choose who is welcome in your home!

Seniors facilities are excellent when it comes to having friends nearby all day, and an array of support and medical staff available 24/7. Private home care has the unique opportunity for you to choose who comes in your home and helps you with your activities of daily living. You can select caregivers that fit your comfort zone for an optimal care experience. This also limits the number of direct contact you have with other individuals daily, reducing your risk of contracting illnesses.

Keep your regular routine and stay together!

Staying at home means that you can keep the same routine: same hairdresser, same stores, same clubs, same church, etc. If the time comes where you can no longer drive, or you require mobility assistance, a private caregiver can bridge the gap, so your lifestyle remains unchanged. Home care also keeps couples together regardless of their physical or cognitive health status.

Get 25 hours per week of tailored care and home support for the cost of retirement!

Based on an average of $3,500/month for a studio or 1-bedroom suite in a private retirement residence, you can hire a caregiver to support your independence in your home.  You determine the schedule based on your needs to maximize your investment.

Every individual is different and has their own needs and expectations of what they want their future to look like. Retirement Living is an excellent option for seniors who aren’t socially connected with their community anymore or wish to delegate most tasks to others. If you want to remain independent in your own home, home care is an excellent option. It enables you to keep your social circle, make a plan knowing what all your options are, stay with your spouse, and live in the comfort of your own home, sometimes at a fraction of the price of private seniors’ homes.

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