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Age in place is an educational resource for seniors and their families; by providing articles, we help seniors maintain their comfort at home. Grow g(old)en prepares research based information on available services that seniors can integrate into their routines. Above all, we want to make your life easier as you age and stay in the comfort of your own home.

There are so many options available to enhance the lives of seniors’. Regardless if you need to know about funding or what services are available, this blog has everything you need. Educate yourself on the available options with these articles for seniors and their families tailored to let you comfortably age in place.

A young woman supports an elderly woman with short white hair using a cane. They are both smiling as they look ahead in a bright, modern living room

10 Important Benefits of Getting Respite Care for Your Aging Parents

According to Stats Canada, 45% of caregivers receive help from a spouse or partner who modified their life or work arrangements to help. The demands …

A smiling young woman embracing an elderly woman who is sitting on a couch. The elderly woman appears content and is looking affectionately at the younger woman. They are in a bright, cozy room, suggesting a close and caring relationship, possibly between a caregiver and a senior family member.

When Aging Parents Can’t Live Alone: 16 Warning Signs To Look For

Watching parents age is a profound aspect of life, filled with emotions and tough decisions. For adult children, it can feel like one minute your …

A mother and daughter sitting on a couch talking about the aging parent expecting too much.

5 Tips On What to Do When Aging Parents Expect Too Much

Taking care of aging parents is a great way to give back for all the support, guidance, love, and care they provided you throughout your …

Two seniors sitting on a couch, waving at their phone as they are on a video call with a family member.

How to Help Aging Parents from Afar: 8 Tips for Long-Distance Caregiving

Managing the experience of your parents getting older can be both emotionally and physically challenging. As you grow older, you find yourself becoming the source …

An adult talking to his aging parents about their future on the couch.

How to Talk to Aging Parents About Their Future (+8 Tips to Make it Easier)

As your parents age, they may experience unexpected situations, such as an abrupt health crisis, that can leave you and your family in a state …

A mom sitting with her daught who is coping with her aging parent.

Coping with Aging Parents: How to Manage the Experience of Your Parents Getting Older

“The hardest part of growing up is realizing your parents are growing old.” – Ptr. Alex Garcia. Realizing our parents are aging can hit hard. …

Ultimate Guide to Home Care

Ultimate Home Care Services Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Home Care Services: Providing Compassionate Care in the Comfort of Your Home Introduction When it comes to caring for our loved ones, their comfort and …

Client Directed Home Care Program

Client Directed Home Care Program (CDHCI)

The Client Directed Home Care Program was introduced in January 2023 and provides funding for Alberta seniors to receive home care services that are consistent …

Heart Month

Stay Heart Healthy This February: Tips for Seniors on Managing Heart Disease & Stroke Risk

February is Heart Month and is recognized as a time to focus on heart health. In Alberta, British Columbia, and elsewhere, seniors are particularly encouraged …

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