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Jodi Hughes (00:00):

Well, it can be a tough reality to face. As parents begin to age, they move from being the caregiver to needing care themselves. Alana Carlson with Ohana Care joins us this morning to talk more about this transitionary period. Good morning Alana. Thank you so much for joining us.

Alana Carlson (00:15):

Thank you having me.

Jodi Hughes (00:17):

Many families are dealing with already incredibly hard situations due to the pandemic. Can we talk about what this has meant for people who do need care? It feels like we’re hearing more and more about this.

Alana Carlson (00:30):

Certainly. I think that everyone has decided that it’s safer to be at home. I think that everyone’s looking for a solution to be here at their home.

Jodi Hughes (00:49):

What other options do people have? I mean, what should a family be prepared for as their parents are beginning to age outside of a pandemic and then within it? Because some of the care that our parents might need might not be as easy for us to provide for them.

Alana Carlson (01:05):

Right. I think everyone needs to be educated on what’s available. Whether that’s public home care, private home care like Ohana Care or supportive living environment. You hear a lot about individuals living in supportive living and being unable to see their loved ones.

Alana Carlson (01:27):

That’s really where Ohana Care or a private home care agency comes in. They are able to remain in their home and age in place gracefully.

Jodi Hughes (01:42):

Now, one of the things that we have discovered with this pandemic and the need for everybody to isolate in whatever space they’re in is, that communication piece is something that I think many of us probably underestimated the value of. How important do you think that is for our older population especially in a time like this?

Alana Carlson (02:06):

I think it’s really important to start the conversations early. Whether you’re a child or a granddaughter, I think it’s really important to listen to your loved one and understand what their values are and what their priorities are. If their priority is to stay at home, then you want to be as respectful as possible and come up with solutions to ensure that they’re going to remain safe in their own home.

Jodi Hughes (02:35):

I think that is such a key because I’ve had this conversation with friends of mine that they find themselves asking I wish I knew for sure or I wish we had have had that conversation.

Jodi Hughes (02:46):

If you do have that opportunity to sit down with your parents or your grandparents and they to you as well, I think it takes a lot of pressure off the younger generation when it comes to making those decisions. Because it can be difficult sometimes to not put your own thoughts or what your own preferences might be as far as how you would like to spend the latter part of your life.

Alana Carlson (03:10):

Absolutely. I think it’s really important to be as collaborative as possible. Have those tough conversations early on or have those conversations early so that the proper supports are in place. Whether it’s housekeeping, meal preparation or personal care so that as things change or as the dynamic in the household changes, you have the supports there and you can continue being a son or a daughter and you know that your loved one is appropriately cared for by a professional.

Jodi Hughes (03:48):

That is so important. It does take a lot of pressure off. I think it just is something that you can rest assured that you know that they’re safe and they’re in good hands. Alana thank you so much for your time today. We really appreciate it.

Alana Carlson (04:01):

Thanks so much.

Jodi Hughes (04:02):

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