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Your health and wellness are important as you grow g(old)en. Keeping your body working at its top capacities requires a little help from your daily routine. These articles are a resource for seniors looking to age gracefully and do so while keeping health and wellness at the top of their minds. Here you’ll find recipes, tips and tricks, crafts and educational resources for you to live your best life in the comfort of your own home.

In addition, we provide only research-based articles to keep you well informed about how to live a positive lifestyle. Plan for a healthy future. More importantly, plan for a happy future.

FCM Live Presents: Cannabis FAQ’s with Wayfare Nursing

Medical Cannabis FAQ’s with Wayfare Nursing In this video, we discuss frequently asked questions about medical cannabis with the experts at Wayfare Nursing on FCM …

How to Maintain Your Self-Care Routine During Changing Times

How to Maintain Your Self-Care Routine During Changing Times

Let’s face it, change is inevitable. They say the only constant in life is change. Transitions in life can be due to many reasons. For …

Is Medical Cannabis Right for Me?

Post written by Wayfare Nursing Since the recreational legalization of Cannabis, there has been a lot of buzz about this plant. However, using cannabis for …

International Best Friends Day

My Best Friend and I

As I drove to my first appointment with Joyce*, I had a thousand questions racing through my mind. Like, what on earth could I have …

Mother’s Day Craft

Handmade items carry your mark on them and are a lovely sentimental gift for your loved ones. Watch how we created this framed flattened flower …

An Easy, Diabetic-Friendly, Easter Chocolate Mousse Recipe

As the Easter festivities approach, we know how important inclusion and family time is. Known for an easy excuse to gobble down all the chocolate …

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