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Jodi Hughes (00:00):

We have discovered this past year, how critical it is that we look at healthcare through a well-rounded lens. And sometimes we cannot be near our parents or relatives. This can pose some challenges. MP Fortin is with Ohana Care Health Services and she joins us now. Good morning, MP. Thank you for being with us.

MP Fortin (00:18):

Good morning. Thank you for having me.

Jodi Hughes (00:19):

All right, tell us why companionship is so important.

MP Fortin (00:24):

Well, companionship is important because we’re looking at a senior’s health, sometimes for just a physical aspect of it but really when it comes to it, everyone wants a purpose in life. They want to have fun. They want to feel that they have a fulfilling life and companionship is extremely important in fulfilling that particular role and having activities and things to look forward to as opposed to just being at home and not knowing what to do.

Jodi Hughes (00:51):

Well and this is where we can find ourselves in a sticky situation because we can’t always be there with our loved ones. So, how can home healthcare providers maybe assist us with companionship?

MP Fortin (01:02):

So, companions can assist with helping facilitate communication. With seniors and loved ones, sometimes you’re going to have hearing or visual impairments that a companionship can bridge between the family and the loved one. They can also help with doing activities, exercises, keeping seniors engaged, giving them a purpose. Again, it’s very important. Most home care companies now have those connections with other businesses where they do bring in activities that caregivers can then do in the seniors home.

Jodi Hughes (01:45):

Now, families, we’re always looking for different ways to stay connected. And we’ve had phone calls, we’ve had Skype and Zoom but there are other ways that we can connect with our loved ones as well. Aren’t there?

MP Fortin (01:59):

Absolutely, the pandemic brought that social isolation to a new light but a lot of seniors are already away from their families. So this is a challenge that home care providers are already used to. We always recommend to have a physical item that the senior can reach to. Whether it be a craft or a pillow, a blanket, something that is meaningful to them and can connect them and revive some memories, bring some reminiscing into their life so that they know that they’re thought of, loved, even from a distance.

Jodi Hughes (02:36):

And it’s amazing what utilizing all of those senses can do, having that tangible item there. MP, thank you so much for your time today. We certainly appreciate it. For more, folks can head to

MP Fortin (02:42):

Thank you.


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